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Hey, hello there!

It’s been a while since I wrote something on my personal blog (as you may know I was busy writing an ebook about Angular).

My old blog was using Wordpress, and I was not really into going back there :). The blog of Ninja Squad is using Jekyll, and even if it works great, I’m a bit tired of it.

So the first task was to look for a new static blog generator. I asked on Twitter what was the popular solutions these days, and here are the answers I got:

I gave a try to the first three. Gatsby is interesting, as it uses ReactJS for the templating. Hexo is also a JavaScript based solution, with tons of themes and plugins available.

But Hugo was the more popular answer I got, and I’ve got to say it’s really nice to use. The documentation is quite clear, and despite the fact I don’t know shit about Go, I decided to go with it.

So this blog is generated with Hugo, and uses the hugo-journal theme. It’s very minimalist but it looks like it’s quite easy to switch if I’m sick of it. Hugo is incredibly fast when you come from Jekyll, the kind of fast that make you think: "OK that probably didn’t work, it can’t have reload this fast".

And the awesome feature that won it for me is the 😍native Asciidoc support😍.

This is hosted on Github Pages, and I had to set up Cloudflare HTTP to HTTPS redirection to enable HTTPS, as it looks like Github Pages still doesn’t allow it.

There is an RSS feed if you are interested. I’ve got a ton of drafts I written these last years that I plan to publish but I can’t guarantee I’ll be blogging regularly. But, hey, I’ll try.

See you soon!